It hovers in dark corners
before the lights are turned on,  
it shakes sleep from its eyes  
and drops from mushroom gills,  
it explodes in the starry heads  
of dandelions turned sages,  
it sticks to the wings of green angels  
that sail from the tops of maples.    
It sprouts in each occluded eye  
of the many-eyed potato,  
it lives in each earthworm segment  
surviving cruelty,  
it is the motion that runs the tail of a dog,  
it is the mouth that inflates the lungs  
of the child that has just been born.    
It is the singular gift  
we cannot destroy in ourselves,  
the argument that refutes death,  
the genius that invents the future,  
all we know of God.    
It is the serum which makes us swear  
not to betray one another;  
it is in this poem, trying to speak.    
Lisel Mueller



My Interpretation

I could tell, both times reading it, that this poem is describing hope. What causes hope, what encourages hope, and even what can stall hope. While reading this poem I can really relate to every example given. I feel that this shows that even in the smallest things there can be hope.  The visual I got from this project was everything. Reading this poem showed me that anything can be a sign of hope from the segments of worms to the many-eyed potato, all things are signs of  hope.