My Autobiographical Poem


energetic, creative, intelligent, and enchanted
Daughter of Todd & Kim: Sister of Timothy, Kathryn, & Trevor
Lover of music, movies, & popcorn
Who feels excited, stressed, and nervous all at once
Who finds happiness in faith, family, & friends
Who needs clothes, money, & a caffeinated drink
Who gives love, compassion, & time
Who fears snakes, roller coasters, & "B"'s
Who would like to see Alaska, smiles on little kids faces, and every continent
Who enjoys cheerleading, drawing, & daydreaming
Who likes to wear crowns, gowns, & bedroom slippers
Who dreams of being a wife, mother, and journalist




This is me riding in the Easter parade. I also rode in the Christmas parade in 2002. I was Miss Florida National Pre-Teen in 2002, and am currently Miss Florida Junior Sweetheart. These are both pageants based on academic achievment and community service.