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I can repair almost all reels and eyes/guides. There are quite a few times that customers have brought their reels to me in a bag (in a hundred peices!) where they tried to repair it themselves. Most of the time I can get those back together. Check out the Repair page to get more information on pricing.


Not only is keeping your gear in good working order important, but it is also very important to match your gear with the type of fishing you intend to do.

Matching the proper rod with the type of fishing is important as well as the lb (pound) test line used.

Example: You wouldn't choose a 4 - 10 lb class fishing rod to fish for redfish on the flats - you would choose maybe a 10 - 20 lb class rod.

Length is important also

Example: You wouldn't want a 7' one piece rod to use on a backpacking trip - you would want maybe a 5' rod or a 2 piece 6' rod. Or if your flipping in the lilly pads for large mouth bass you may want an 8' rod.

So think about the type of fishing you want to do and then click on the sections below to learn more about fishing gear. The when you think you are ready to go - click on the Test Your Knowledge to take a quiz.

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